Hello everyone!  Welcome to my blog. My name is Hanan and I’m the writer of the thequietlife. A place to get inspired to love yourself more, change your habits, try to live a bit healthier, and enjoy life more peacefully.

This is me roaming peacefully (lol) and enjoying my coffee in the streets of Oslo

Why I started the blog

Well, it is one of my greatest pleasure to help people love themselves  more in order to become their best version of themselves. I beileve that if you are happy with who you are, your whole life changes for the better!

I also want to share my experience with losing weight, improving my lifestyle, and how I try each day to make healthier choices.

Moreover, I recently finished my studies majoring in English Literature and I found myself missing writing and thinking in English! I work as a part time school teacher, but unfortunately my job does not leave me enough room to actually practic English and keep it renewed and fresh!

That’s it in a nutshell

I hope you enjoy reading the articles, and the experiences I post.

Happy to stay in touch!:


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