My Thoughts on Turning 28! 28 Things I learned so far.

It was my birthday ya’ll! I turned 28 two days ago and I actually don’t know how I feel about it. Usually, I celebrate – quietly- with my family and friends by gathering together. This year, however, with everyone being busy with their schedule, we didn’t have time to sit and do anything. Yet, I decided to celebrate myself in another way. I spent some time writing a gratitude list of all the things I’m grateful for in my life and celebrate not the achievements but the journey I took and the hardships I ‘ve overcome to become the person and woman I am today.

That being said, I thought it would be fun to share with you 28 things I learned throughout the years. I hope you’ll enjoy them:

1. Your happiness is your responsibility.

I cannot stress this enough. Happiness as it turns out is a bunch of decisions you make each and every day. You choose your attitude and how you react to what happens every day and that’s what keeps you in a good mood. Work on having a positive mindset and everything will fall into place.

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2. Loving yourself is a priority

loving yourself and taking care of yourself is your number one priority. You cannot pour from an empty cup. If you are not happy with who you are, you’ll be miserable and you’ll end up comparing yourself and feeling miserable all the time.

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3. Learn to do things by yourself

I learned this the hard way. I hated doing things alone and I was so dependent on other people to keep me company. It often led me to the situation where I had to adjust things to their schedule and becoming somewhat of a burden. Once I stopped, I felt empowered. It gave me inner strength and trust that I’m capable of doing anything I want on my own. It also helped me keep healthy relationships with everyone around giving them the space they need and deserve.

4. Saying no is OK!

Saying no is ok when you’re tired, exhausted, overwhelmed or even not in the mood to do things! You are a limited source of energy, and saying no means taking care of that energy. Don’t ever feel bad about it!

5. Understand your emotions!

We go through different emotions on a daily basis and sometime we might feel sadness, anger or any other type of emotion for no apparent reason. Connecting with yourself and understanding your emotions is crucial to feeling peace and in harmony with who you are. Asking the why makes it easier to avoid them in the near future

 6. Stop Comparing.

It is just not right. it’s emotionally and mentally draining and brings nothing but low self-esteem and negativity into your life. Don’t do it period.

7. Make time for the things you love.

In order not feel like a robot all the time, do the things you love more often!

8. Exercise because you love your body.

Exercise is not about losing weight it is about having a healthy lifestyle and keeping your body strong in the long run. Choose things you like to do and do it more often. Soon enough you’ll fall in love with it.

9. Keep learning.

I don’t mean that in an academic sort of way but rather to listen to people, read interesting books and meet new people to keep your mind open and refreshed.

10 Be yourself, not everybody has to like you.

You are not an angel, nor you should be. Just be yourself because everybody else is taken (thank you Oscar Wild). If people like you for who you are then that’s great. If not, however, then it’s fine because you are not supposed to impress anyone but yourself.

11. Practice makes perfect

This truly applies to everything. Choosing to live positively, starting a new sport or even just writing a post for Facebook. Doing anything multiple times increases your chances at improving it. Never despair and always try again.

12. Listen, carefully.

Sometimes we are all caught up in our issues that we don’t really listen to what others have to say to us. Our ego prevents us from listening to the “ love” behind their words. I’m still learning to get out of my head and listen without being defensive and aggressive.

13. You can love them and still choose leave them.

It is hard but sometimes people (close ones) do nothing but pull you down. You take the courage to leave them. It does not mean that you stopped loving them. It means that you choose yourself and there is nothing wrong with that.

14. Sleep is not luxury, it is vital!

Get enough sleep. Always!

15. Forgive and let go.

Not everything is worth spending your energy on it. Sometimes you just need to let go and move on.

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16. Family first.

Build strong connections with your family.  Cherish them and let them know you love them because really they are the ones that will be there till the end.

17. Have a vision, not a timetable.

Have a clear vision for your future, set goals and work on them. Yet, don’t try to mark everything by the day and date because Life does not always go you want it to go. Be ready and flexible to make some changes.

18. Define success for you.

There are a million facets of success. Make sure you are working according your own definition.

19. Take care of your emotional health.

It is ok not to be ok and if you think you need help, ask for it. Speaking with a friend, reading self-help books, or seeing a psychologist is always better than suffering in silence.

20. Travel.

If you can afford it, travel whenever you can.

21. Change is good!

 Change is the only constant in this universe. Everything and Everybody changes. Make sure you go with the flow and don’t hold yourself hostage to things that are not working anymore.

22. Eating healthy is simple

You just have to take it easy and start with baby steps. Once you feel the improvement in your overall health, you’ll be ready to make some major changes.

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23. Release your inner child.

We as social beings trying to be polite and show our best manners to the world all the time. We are also overwhelmed with stress, duties, and responsibilities that we forget to have fun and act spontaneously! Thus, you should try to have fun more often, laugh hard to lighten up and feel joy!  

24. It’s all about priorities!

People spend their time and money according to their priorities. Priorities change from time to time. Be sure that yours lead you to good places.

25. People will judge no matter what!

  People will always have something to say and most of the time it is not constructive. If you’re happy with what you do, keep going. Remember, it’s up to you how you react.

26. It’s ok not knowing what you want

I don’t know what I want. I finished my masters recently and I still don’t know about what job should I apply for or what I want to do with the rest of my life and it’s ok. Feeling pressure is not going to help anyway. Take time and listen to yourself.

27. Don’t give up “me time”

No offense to my loved ones but my “me time” is priceless and I need it like every day! Solicitude is necessary to restore your world, discover yourself, and be creative.

28. The best is yet to come!

What’s life without hope? I’m smiling as I’m writing this! I do believe it though, better, wonderful amazing things are on their way.

I hope you enjoyed reading these thoughts!

Do you have any worth-spreading life lessons I should know about?

Tell me in the comments!

Until next time, be kind to yourself.

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