How Do Muslims Celebrate Holidays? The Traditions of Eid!

Eid Mubarak Everyone!

Let me start by stating that Muslims only have two holidays throughout the year which are Eid Elfiter and Eid Al Adha  (the word “ Eid”  literally means holiday in Arabic). The former marks the end of  Ramadan. It is about 3 days and it is the one we celebrated recently (by recently I mean the end of last week). The later comes 40 days after Ramadan and it marks the end of of Hajj ( the Islamic pilgrimage).

These holidays are not fixed.  Their dates vary from year to year according to the lunar calendar!

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How do Muslims celebrate Eid?

There are similar traditions all Muslims do to celebrate their holidays. However, we need to prepare a few things first:

Buying new clothes

Almost everyone gets new outfits to wear during the holiday ( especially the first day)! It gives us a feeling of happiness and joy and it feels nice to look good when you see your family and friends!

Cleaning the house!

Families clean their houses properly because chances are you are going to have guests and family members over so it has to be nice.

Making the sweets!

We make special cookies for Eid called Mamoul! Every country has their own version of these cookies and they are usually filled with dates! Yum!

Making these cookies is a lovely tradition in our family but it does not stop here. Moms buy chocolates, candy, fresh fruit, nuts to serve the guests when they come over (after all it is the time to indulge!). Every house has their own table that is filled with goods and deliciousness. If it is not in the house, then Eid has not come yet!

Here are some simple/ festive tables I’ve seen this Eid:

What do Muslims Do during the actual days of Eid?

 They pray Salat al Eid ( Eid Prayer)

On the first day of the holiday, Muslims, men, women, boys, girls and children gather at the mosque in the morning hours wearing their new beautiful clothes to pray Salat al Eid which is especially performed at these holidays.

This prayer is a form of giving thanks or showing gratitude to Allah (God) for giving us these holidays to celebrate his blessings.

After the prayer ends, people can officially start their holiday. They may go home or go visit their families, have breakfast and or go somewhere they love!

They visit each other!

This is the most essential part of any holiday which is seeing your family, including the extended one, your friends, and your neighbors. Sometimes families have gatherings. Other times they might go individually!

For me I love gathering at my grandma’s house in the morning. My aunts and uncles usually come to the house to have breakfast together. It’s a lovely way to start the holiday!

 They have Barbequs!

The most common food during these holidays is grilled meat aka barques! It is considered the fanciest meal to eat and enjoy during Eid!  Wherever you go people are having barbecues in their houses and the smell is all around the neighborhood!

They give money to children!

This is a widely spread tradition across all Muslim countries. Because we don’t buy gifts, adults give money to children so they can buy whatever they want. There is no specific amount of money, it is whatever you can afford!

Usually children go to their relatives grandparents, aunts and uncles to get their “ Eid money!” . They can become rich in few days!( LOL)

My cousin is showing me how much he got

Going places/ travel!

Some families choose to travel abroad during the holiday. Others however go for picnics. They might go to swimming pools, parks, gardens to relax and spend their time together.

In conclusion,

Eid is considered a very festive time of the year. it revolves around family, having fun and enjoying each other’s company. It is also a time to appreciate and be grateful for having everyone around, being healthy, and seeing your loved ones happy. Food is just the cherry on the cake!

I hope you enjoyed reading/ seeing some of our traditions!

Do you have special traditions that you do during your holidays? I would love to hear about them! Tell me in the comments!

Until next time, be kind to yourself!

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  1. Here in Norway I guess some give money but we’ve found that most give gifts. And so we have now adopted this tradition

    1. That’s nice! I think that’s because you live in a western country where gifts is the most common practice during the holidays!
      both ways show love and that’s the important part 🙂
      thanks for commenting!

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