I Tried Intermittent Fasting for 45 Days- Here is What Happened!

I’m sure you’ve heard allot, like I have, about intermittent fasting. It is the new diet everyone is crazy about that promises great results regarding health, losing weight, and feeling better in general.

Fasting proved to have a tremendous impact on general health:

reduces inflammation

improves heart health

increases growth hormone

delays aging

aids weight loss

improves brain function

I already had problems with my stomach. I felt bloated all the time and my gut was troubling me. After reading about other people’s experiences and listening to videos from Dr. Eric Berg, I decided to try it and see what happens.

So here is my experience, but first, let me explain

What is exactly intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting (IF) is simply dividing your day into two periods, one for eating ( eating window) and one for fasting ( fasting window). It does not really say what you should eat but when to eat it.

While fasting you can only drink zero caloric drinks like black coffee, green/ herbal tea and of course water.

The cool thing about this is that you get to choose your hours, and yes sleeping hours are considered fasting hours!

The most common fasting diet is 16/8. That is fasting for 16 hours and eating in the remaining 8. This is the minimum number of hours one needs to fast in order to start seeing results and benefits.

Another one is 20/4 which is called the warrior diet. It is for people who already have done 16/8 and want to get more results with losing weight and more fat.

There are also people who do OMAD (one meal a day). They fast for 23 hours and break the fast in the last hour.

How did I start? What was my regimen!?

I decided to take things slowly I didn’t want to rush anything so I started with 16/8.  For the first two weeks, I started my fast at 20:00 and broke my fast at 12:00 the following day.

However, after the two weeks ended, we had Ramadan!  

The hours changed. I started fasting at 4:00 in the morning and broke my fasting at 20:00 at night and I had to do a dry fast! Meaning I could not drink or eat anything during the 16 hours.

What did I eat? What was my diet?

Ok, so no one actually tells you what to eat. Some choose a low carb diet, others might choose keto, and some don’t change their diet at all. You have to do what you think is best for you!

I did not want to follow a specific diet. I just wanted to eat a little bit healthier. Thus, I focused on eating healthy meals ( no fries, no junk food, no carbonated drinks, and no calorie counting) and try to cut down my carbs a little bit.

However, I have a sweet tooth (love me some coconut ice-cream!) so I couldn’t eliminate sugar out of my life. I kept eating sweets but not every day.

Overall, I ate three average meals every day and drank lots of water during my fasting window.

I should mention that I didn’t exercise.

How did it go?

I was surprised that it wasn’t hard at all!

During the first three days, I was a bit cranky because I used to eat breakfast the moment I wake up. After that however, my body got used to the system really quickly and I found it very easy.

I found that dry fasting is harder than regular fasting. Drinking water really keeps you full and hydrated!

Benefits I experienced with intermittent fasting:

I started feeling better after the first week of fasting. I felt lighter and had more energy. Consuming less food seemed a good decision.

After the third week, I started seeing actual results on my body and skin. Here are some of them:

Clearer skin:

for some reason, my skin looked clearer, brighter and younger! Especially my face! I would look in the mirror and feel like I had a facial treatment for it was glowing.

 Better sleep:

It did not take me as much time as it used to be and I was sleeping better and deeper!

Less bloating:

I had better digesting and less bloating. My stomach felt a lot better when fasting! I also discovered two things that caused discomfort to my stomach, coffee, and acidic foods. Now I try to have less of them and watch what I eat more!

Fewer cravings/ less snacking:

you would think that with all this fasting you’ll be hungry as hell and you would want to eat anything and everything you have in the fridge! But it is not the case! Fasting made has cut down my cravings and I was surprised how fast I was feeling full.

Losing weight:  

I lost 5 kg ( almost 11pounds) during these 40 days and I dropped inches! My clothes became loose and they fit me better. My face also became smaller.

Are there any disadvantages?

Yes, it was shocking to see how food gets into every aspect of our lives. The only downside I found was not being able to participate in social events. Allot of our social gathering revolves around!

I personally meet my friends over coffee, lunch or sometimes ice-cream. Thus, it was hard finding a proper time to meet them. I had to adjust my eating window to match their schedule. Other times, I couldn’t eat because I was fasting and it got everyone asking!

So if you have a special occasion, or you are on a vacation where you need to enjoy yourself, I don’t think that intermittent fasting would really work.

In conclusion, intermittent fasting has really benefitted me. I lost 11 pounds, felt more energetic, had better digestion and less bloating.  It is easy and very convenient and. Unlike other diets, you don’t have to worry about timing or prepping 5 meals! You can just eat three average size meals and be satisfied and get the amazing benefits from fasting at the same time

I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience!

Have you tried intermittent fasting? If yet, how did it go?

Tell me in the comments!

Until next time, be kind to yourself!.

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