What Makes You Happy? 100 Little Things That Make Life Happier!

Happiness is a direction, not a place !

Sydney J. Harris

Happiness is interesting. It is different and personal to everyone. My relationship with happiness has changed completely in the past few years since I’ve learned that am the only one responsible for it. No one is going to make sure that you are happy all the time. Moreover, putting such a burden on another person is unrealistic and unfair.

Happiness is a choice you make every day. It is thinking positively and building healthy habits that lead to a happy life.

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.

Dalai Lama XIV

In other words, you don’t find happiness, you create it!

Therefore, I decided to take you a little bit into my world and make a list of all the little things that make my life happy!

100 Things that make life happier :

1. Freshly brewed coffee in the morning

2. Smiling at myself in the mirror

 3. Buying books

 4. Smelling new books

 5.  Ice-cream (coconut ice- cream YUM!)

 6. Seeing beautiful green trees

 7. Daises

8. Hearing my favorite song on the radio

9. New/ fresh bedsheets

10. Re-watching my favorite movies

 11. Deep conversations with people I care about

  12. Rainy days

 13. The sound of rain on my windows

14. The smell of earth after rain.            

 15. Finding a good quote

 16. Taking a selfie that turns out beautiful from the first try

17.  Waking up relaxed after a good night sleep

 18. Having time for myself after an exhausting week

 19. Meeting  my best friends

 2.0. cold water on a hot sunny day

21. Cute cat videos

 22. Being recognized by the barista in my favorite coffee shop

 23. Watching Sunsets!

24. Wearing a new headscarf

 25. Waking up in the middle of the night and realizing still have time to sleep

26.  Buying a new ring

27. Receiving a message from a friend I haven’t heard from a while

28. a mesmerizing poem

29. Receiving an honest compliment

30. Seeing children smile/ laugh

31. Cloudy skies

32. a perfect spring day

33. Strangers smiling at me

34. Wearing new PJs

35. The feeling I get after finishing a really good workout

36. Baking

37. Cold watermelon

38. Meeting my best friends

39. Newborn kittens

40. Funny jokes

41. Baby’s smiles

42. Ripe avocadoes!

43. Listening to birds singing early in the morning

44. Going through old memories/ pictures

45. A day free of to-do lists and running errands

46. getting my phone fully charged

47. Finding money in unexpected places

48. A clean organized house/room

49. Taking a shower after a long day

50. The smell of a new shampoo/soap

51. Looking at the sky on a clear day

52. The smell of citrus fruit

53. Realizing that I brought everything you need from the supermarket

54. Having lunch with my family

55. Listening to an interesting podcast/ Ted Talks

56. Good quality bread.. especially when it is freshly baked coming out of the oven.

57. Finding an interesting person to follow on Instagram or Facebook

58. Realizing I’ve eaten healthy nutritious meals throughout the day

59.  Finding the perfect shade of lipstick

60. Balloons

61. Jelly Beans.. red ones in particular

62. The first page of a new notebook

63. Seeing mom smiling or laughing

64. Teaching my dad something new about his phone

65. My nephew 🙂

66. Getting a new hair cut

67. Fruit stands

68. Re-watching my favorite episodes of Friends! ( I laugh at the same jokes every time LOL)

69. Chocolate

70. Realizing that my pupils have really understood the lesson

71. Stars on clear nights

73. Unique bookmarks

72. Streets full of pretty lights

74. Reading for a good amount of time

75. Taking a drive to think about things

76. Being tagged in a post by a friend or family member that reminded them of me

The Summer of Self- Care! 7 Ways to Practice Self- Care this Summer!

77. Helping a co-worker with something they are stressed about

78. Being asked “ how are you doing?” by someone who really cares about you

79. Someone playing with my hair/ receiving a 5-minute massage

80. Feeding my cat and spending some time with her.

81. Hugs!

82. Fixing something that has been broken for a while

83. Cool breeze on hot days

84. Peaceful walks

85. Buying flowers

86. Seeing older couples taking care of each other

87. Unexpected gifts

90. Dressing up and feeling glamorous

88. Cute teacups!

89. Eid!

93 Writing

91. Anything in the color blue

92. Fall

94. Laughing hard until tears pop!

95. Nights with a full moon

96. When I see something that reminds me of a book I read

97. Parking my car right beside the entrance

98. Going out with my sisters

99. Receiving hand-written cards/letters

100. Technology ( that made our lives easier!)

I hope that reading the list brought you some joy and put a smile on your face!

What little things make your life happy?

Tell me in the comments!

Until next time, be kind to yourself!

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